Marimekko graph

The following example of a “Marimekko“ graph (also referred to as a “Mekko,” “mosaic,” or “matrix” graph) was brought to my attention by students in the MBA . A Marimekko Chart is similar to a 2D Stacked Chart normally used to analyse market and sales data. Un graphique Mekko (parfois appelé également graphique marimekko) est un graphique empilé en deux dimensions. Outre les hauteurs de segment variables . I think I did a good job explaining to him why you might use a Marimekko chart.

I noted that you can capture two dimensions in one chart, . Strategy professionals use Mekko Graphics to deliver insights and action plans.

David Goldstein, President of Mekko Graphics, shares a chart each week . Marimekko charts are two dimensional graphs that analyze multiple data series against two variables, the X and Y axes. A Marimekko Chart is used to visualise categorical data over a pair of variables. Marimekko est une grande entreprise finlandaise de design dans le secteur de l’habillement, des textiles et de la décoration intérieure.

A VBA based Microsoft Excel Template to create a Marimekko Chart aka Matrix Chart aka Mosaic Chart for free download. Note: The following is the second installment of a three-part series on the Marimekko chart by Tableau Zen Master Jonathan Drummey. In a recent tutorial I showed how to make Variable Width Column Charts.

A stacked version of this chart type, called a Marimekko chart, . This Marimekko chart was fun to get right. There are some great examples of complex table calculations built in to it. The Mekko Chart has long been used by strategy consultants. It allows data to be depicted along two dimensions simultaneously. A Marimekko Chart, inspired by Freakalytics.

Thanks to Noah Iliinsky for the suggestion. Jason Davies has published an even-simpler . A Marimekko chart created in Tableau by Joe Mako, inspired by Jon Peltier. Joe Mako recently created a Tableau version of a Marimekko char . Step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Marimekko chart in Excel using simple formulas. The Mekko Chart Creator add-in for Microsoft Excel makes it easy to create Mekko charts that show data in three dimensions.

This feature is located in the Charts menu. Marimekko charts are 1 stacked column charts where the bar width reflects an additional.